Every piece of design from a logo design to creating brand identity, it is made around a well-thought out and creative concept. The main purpose of design is to communicate a story, a deep message or convey the hidden meaning behind it, in a visually attractive way.
– Alina Wheeler

Here is a portfolio of our design work:

Logo design for StoneWorks Healthcare Advocates in Texas
Logo design for Nellie Hill Events

Logo design, business card, and letterhead designed for Infinity Mental Health Counseling in New Paltz, NY

Logo design for Robyn Matos at Studio Forty Four in Tampa, FL

Logo design for Usheco, a Custom Plastic Manufacturer located in the Kingston, NY.

Logo and business card design for High Gear Jewelry

Logo and menu designed at Katy Dwyer Design
Brochure design for Blue Rabbit Studios


Trade show banner designed for Katy Dwyer Design
Logo, rack card and business card design for Lo Torres, LMHC
Interior book design layout

Brochure and business card design for MyATMGuys.com